Album "Het testament van Godfried van Bouillon"


Album "Het testament van Godfried van Bouillon"

  Released in:



Yves Chaland/td>



22*30 cm

  Released by:

Paul Rijperman/Loempia Uitgaven

  Additional information:

Hardcover, limited edition of 1000

Album made by Paul Rijperman Uitgaven from The Netherlands. It was supposed to be realesed as a n&s luxurious edition. The album was released with a different cover, an image used in reverse by Logo Éditions (a flemish bookseller) in 1981. However, a mistake was made in the montage proces (repro tape was left on the black film).

Probably a reason to dump the lot on the editors market and bought by Loempia Uitgaven from Belgium. Loempia was about to release the album together with a portfolio called "De politie dossiers van Bouillon". In the end the album and the portfolio were dumped separately on the collectors market, a quite simple sticker put over the first editors name. The portfolio, together with a display containing 5 different pins and 6 each, was put on the market round about 1998.