Badge of Freddy Lombard    
  Cado box    
  Decalco stickerbooklet    
  Display with 30 pins Freddy Lombard    
  Document-folder "Freddy Lombard"    
  Envelope "Bonnes nouvelles"    
  Jeu de 7 familes    
  Notepad "Objectif pub"    
  Pair of socks "Chaland"    
  Pair of socks "Chaland Africa"    
  Pair of socks "Yves Chaland"    
  Pin "Le jeune Albert"    
  Sheet of pagemarkers    
  Sticker of Freddy Lombard    
  T-shirt Freddy Lombard    
  Tie-pin Expo 58"    
  Wine-label "Gamay papiers gras"    
  Wrist-watch "Le jeune Albert"    
  Writing-set "Adolphus Claar"