Yves Chaland

On April 3rd, 1957 a great artist was born in Lyon: Yves Chaland. He studied at the art academy of St. Etienne together with Luc Cornillon.

Chaland was "the" representator of "Atoomstijl/style atome", a retro movement named after the 1958 expo building "Atomium" in Brussels, showing their appreciation to the artists from the fifties and the 1950's design.

During his academy days he released some of his work in the home made magazine "L'Unité de Valeur". Jean-Pièrre Dionnet spoted the magazine and saw a great talent in Chaland and asked him to work for Ah Nana and Métal Hurlant, he started back in 1978. It's Métal Hurlant in which leading characters as Bob Fish (1980), Adolphus Claar (1981), Jeune Albert (1982) and Chalands biggest breakthrough Freddy Lombard (1981) saw the daylight. In 1982 he brought Spirou back to his roots with his retro "Jijé" alike style in "Les aventures de Spirou" for Spirou Magazine. The story only recently got released in a legally released album by Dupuis.

On July 18th, 1990 he collided with his car and together with his daughter he died an early death. Isabelle Beaumenay survived with severe injuries.....

He left us, his fans, a wonderful collection of silk-screen prints, albums and advertisement items. Atoomstijl tries to show you a complete as possible picture of his inheritage. Enjoy it!