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Hi comic fans, welcome to Atoomstijl's ode to Yves Chaland.

Behind quite some pictures you will find pictures of the enclosures or the different editions of the item. You can go there by double clicking the image or by using your right mouse-button and choosing for the option "open". The option you need to or can use depends on your individual settings.


Recent additions:

July 31st, 2007

- Book "L'enfance de l'oeil"

- Abri affiche "7ème festival de bande dessinee d'Hyeres"

- Affiche "Les heritiers d'Hergé"

October 20th, 2006

- Album "Les histoires merveilleuses des Oncles Paul" by Vents d'Ouest

- Flyer "Adolphus Claar"

September 1st, 2006

- Silk-screen print "La giraffe"

- Ex-libris "Vacances à Budapest"

- Biblipop no. 11

- Display "Adolphus Claar en 3d"

- Car by Éditions Carton

- Statue "Bob Fish in his Turbot car"

- Statue "Freddy Lombard explorer"


Enjoy your stay and come back now and then for this site will frequently be updated.




This is an informative site and is not meant to harm Yves Chalands work or the copy- and productrights on the stated items.