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Hi and welcome to this of our website: the works of André Franquin. It's not complete yet (it probably never will be either), but the parts under construction will be added over the next few months.

You are always welcome for questions, suggestions or whatever, but please take in account that our reply may take a few days, or weeks even. It's not that your e-mails are unwanted, we realy enjoy your questions and feedback, but creating this site requests quite some time and we also enjoy other elements of life.

Enjoy Gaston, Spirou, Modeste & Pompon and the marvelous Monsters! We hope you will return to our site frequently to checkout our updates.


Recent additions:

November 9th, 2007

- Dalix postcard section

- Invitationcard "Op 28/02/07 betaalt u niet!/Le 28/02/07 vous ne payez pas!

- Sticker "Op 28/02/07 betaalt u niet!/Le 28/02/07 vous ne payez pas!

August 14th, 2007

- Le feuilleton 4

- Le feuilleton 3

- Le feuilleton 2

- Le feuilleton 1

- Flag "Les amis de Spirou"

- Latex Gaston Lagaffe

- Pinball machine Expo 58

- Figure "Turbot-Rhino 1B"

- Figure "Fantacoptère"

- Figure "Citroën 5HP"

- Silk-screen print "Guust, Marsupilami en de anderen"

- Album "Flappende flaters"

- Album "Flaters te koop"

- Album "Flaters als water"

- Album "Flagrante flaters"

- Portfolio "La corne de Rhinocéros"

- Tin with pencils

- Latex Spirou from 1964

- Latex Zorglhomme from 1961

- Latex Pompon from 1961

July 31st, 2007

- Album "Un sorcier à Champignac"

- Calendar "1992 50 ans de calendrier"

- Latex Felix from 1961

- Album "Guust 50"

- Book "Les Noëls de Franquin"

- Anniversary card "Bon anniversaire et continuons de gaffer joyeusement ensemble!"

- Book "De wereld van Franquin"

- Flyer "De wereld van Franquin"

December 7nd, 2006

- Brabant Strip no. 142

October 20th, 2006

- Poster "Marsu Productions"

- Poster "Spaar met Nuts voor gratis Guust Flater Album"

- Poster "École publique"

- Poster "Make it real FUNctional office"

- Poster "Maak je eigen verhaal/Fais ta propre histoire"

- Poster "Maak je eigen verhaal/Fais ta propre histoire"

- Poster "Maak je eigen verhaal/Fais ta propre histoire"

September 1st, 2006

- Postcard "The Marsupilami: some moods"

- Pin "Spirou"

- Pixi figure "Le chat et la pelote de laine"

- Pixi figure "Franquin allongé"

- Pixi figure "Spirou et Fantasio dans leurs fauteuils"

- Pixi figure "Fantasio et les tâches d'encre"

- Spirou by Stéphane St. Emett

- Latex Spirou

- Latex Fantasio

- Statue "Gaston à bascule"

- HC portfolio "Le repaire de la Murène"

- Album "Noël et l'elaoin"

- Album "Les signatures de Franquin"

- Sticker "Et Franquin crea la gaffe"

- Catalogue "André Franquin, un univers - quatre collections"


This is an informative site and is not meant to harm André Franquin's work or the copy- and productrights on the stated items.